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A Beauty full Girls

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Try it - Examples

Insert images
This example demonstrates how to insert images to your Web page.

Insert images from different locations
This example demonstrates how to insert an image from another folder or another server.

(You can find more examples at the bottom of this page)

The Image Tag and the Src Attribute

In HTML, images are defined with the <img> tag. 

The <img> tag is empty, which means that it contains attributes only and it has no closing tag.

To display an image on a page, you need to use the src attribute. Src stands for "source". The value of the src attribute is the URL of the image you want to display on your page.

The syntax of defining an image:

<img src="url" />

The URL points to the location where the image is stored. An image named "Bgirls.jpg" located in the directory "images" on "" has the URL:

The browser puts the image where the image tag occurs in the document. If you put an image tag between two paragraphs, the browser shows the first paragraph, then the image, and then the second paragraph.

The Alt Attribute

The alt attribute is used to define an "alternate text" for an image. The value of the alt attribute is an author-defined text:

<img src="Bgirls.jpg" alt="Beauty full Girls" />

The "alt" attribute tells the reader what he or she is missing on a page if the browser can't load images. The browser will then display the alternate text instead of the image. It is a good practice to include the "alt" attribute for each image on a page, to improve the display and usefulness of your document for people who have text-only browsers.

Basic Notes - Useful Tips

If an HTML file contains ten images - eleven files are required to display the page right. Loading images take time, so my best advice is: Use images carefully.


More Examples

Background image
This example demonstrates how to add a background image to an HTML page.

Aligning images
This example demonstrates how to align an image within the text.

Let the image float
This example demonstrates how to let an image float to the left or right of a paragraph.

Adjust images to different sizes
This example demonstrates how to adjust images to different sizes.

Display an alternate text for an image
This example demonstrates how to display an alternate text for an image if a browser cannot display the image. You should always include the alt attribute for images.

Make a hyperlink of an image
This example demonstrates how to use an image as a link.

Create an image map
This example demonstrates how to create an image map, with clickable regions. Each of the regions is a hyperlink.

Image Tags

Tag Description
<img> Defines an image
<map> Defines an image map
<area> Defines a clickable area inside an image map

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